Strategic identities &

Expression is all about identity. We help you define your Strategic identity, Verbal identity and Visual identity, the three key components for expression. We then go the extra mile to help your brand express herself through communications.

Strategic Identity

Your strategic identity is DNA that runs through everything your brand does both internally and externally. Our brand strategy sprints are designed to articulate who your brand is, your target audience and the relationship between your brand and its audience.

Customer/Audience definition
Brand attributes
Culture Definition
Brand Purpose

Verbal Identity

Speaking is a very important form of self expression. We help brands formulate a verbal identity in order to maintain a certain consistency in how your brand comes across in her communications.

Tone of voice
Content Strategy
Corporate narrative

Visual Identity

Articulating your strategic identity means that you know who your brand is. Based on that personality, we’ll help you create a visual identity that best represents that DNA. Our visual identity systems will cater to all your communication touch points both digital and traditional.

Visual System
Web & UI


We understand that at the beginning it may be a little challenging to get the hang of expressing the brand through communications, so we make ourselves available to help you in expressing your brand identity through your communications.

Digital campaigns
Motion Graphics
Content Marketing
Content Marketing Strategy

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