What we did

+ Strategy

+ Visual identity

+ Web design

+ Web development

Establishing a unique brand expression for Torlago International Consultants.

Torlago was birthed to facilitate the flow of business and investments from Canada to Nigeria and vice versa, making the business best positioned for growth. For this project, we decided to focus on simplicity and modernity in terms of the visual style while paying attention to basic typographic & layout principles so we drafted stylescapes that reflected our direction for the visual identity and brand communications.

Daring to be different makes all the difference

Torlago operates in a market dominated by giant consulting companies. Their success comes from being hyper-focused on a niche, which is a different mode of operation compared to their competitors. We decided to create a visual expression that stands out in their industry.

The crest: A symbol of endless opportunities

The abstract crest is an interesting combination of the letters ‘T’ and ‘C’ which also forms an ambigram. The design emphasizes boldness, modernity, and readability. The crest broken down, serves as the building block for quite a unique brand pattern that can be used to infuse the spirit of the brand into assets.

The digital Zag: A unique web experience

It’s quite typical for corporate websites to feature a white user interface. Since Torlago thrives on being different, we decided to go the other direction and create a dark user interface maintaining a corporate look and feel. By complementing the dark interface with the brand colours, we created a unique look and feel.

Crystal clear communication: A verbal identity

Serving a niche as specific as Torlago’s requires that you communicate as clear as crystal. Torlago’s communications are direct and straight to the point such that it resonates immediately with the right audience.