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Developing a unique identity for a uniquely positioned British bank.

Neero is an african-owned bank in Britain. The brand was birthed to cater to a gap in the British financial system. The current financial system in Britain makes it difficult to perform cross-border transactions with Africa. Neero is on a mission to to bridge that gap. Sending money from Britain to Africa and vice versa will become much easier and seamless.

A new player on the block

The financial industry in the UK, and world-wide for the most part is somewhat conservative and corporate. Neero is occupying a unique position and therefore deserve a unique identifier. We crafted an identity system that is a bit more expressive than the average financial institution while preserving the professional feel about the brand.

The identifier: Capturing the essence of money

The logo was designed to give visual cues. It’s an icon designed to look like a currency. The idea was rooted in the challenge that birthed the brand, the difficulty in sending money across borders. We made the logo simple and easy to recognize.

Glyphs: The brand DNA rooted in the African spirit

We created glyphs that represents the different values of the brand. The glyphs were inspired by ancient African symbols.

Communicating value: The right words

We paired Ubuntu bold, a unique  sans-serif font with Oxygen another visually appealing sans serif font. We found this combination to work well with the visual aesthetic of the brand