What we did

+ Visual identity

Visual identity for web3’s pioneer decentralized legal ecosystem

ByteBao stands as Web3’s pioneering decentralized legal ecosystem, dedicated to safeguarding innovations through top-tier legal, ethical, and compliance resources. With a global team of legal experts, they guide clients in navigating the intricate regulatory standards of blockchain-powered technology. As ByteBao transitioned into the web3 space, we collaborated to craft a refined visual identity that resonates with their evolved positioning.

A fresh take on the old

We retained the abstract nature of the previous design while infusing a fresh perspective. The central focus remains on the abstract “B” element, meticulously crafted using two parallelograms, each set at angles of 45 and 135 degrees. This design is inspired by the input/output symbols found in flowchart diagrams, symbolizing the essence of algorithms. Our innovation lies in the minimalist approach – we stripped away the fill and intricate details, leaving behind a sleek outline that captures the essence with refined simplicity.